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Camel Racing

What a great way to attract people to your event.

"The sport of Sheikhs"

We have provided these camel events and camel races at the following venues; Quilpie Show, Harold Park Sydney, Sydney Turf Club NSW, Young Turf Club, Warren Turf Club, Dubbo Show, Canberra Show ACT, Camden Show, Kempsey Show, Gympie Turf Club QLD, Capella Camel Races, Maffra Show, Dapto Show, Denilliquin Show and many more.

Race camels

We supply 5 Camels for each camel race. We run 5 races and the winner of those races qualify for the final race (race 6), where the jockeys then draw for their Camels in the final race (race 6). The races can be run all on one day or over a 2 or 3 day event.

The way we structure this is, we supply the camels, saddles, starting gates, organisers, helmets and race numbers. You then supply the jockeys, and the track (this must be a definite tack with rales down each side. Bunting and pickets with caps can be used). We can also supply bunting and pickets as well.

You then advertise the seats on the camels to businesses, Industries and the general public for a price specified by the show society or committee. The businesses then supply a representative to be the jockey with some riding experience.

You can also approach businesses to sponsor a race or the whole event. E.g IGA 400m Sprint, (which would also lift the burden for small businesses or individuals who are keen to be involved) or have a prize for the final race sponsored. We supply you with trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, for the final race, free of charge. Our gift to you for having us at your event.

We also encourage the jockeys to dress up for the ride. This adds color and spectacle to the event. We have found in the past that a Celebrity Camel Race can also attract a huge crowd to the event. These races can be structured to fit your show, whether it be on, two or three days to just a couple of hours. We can event run the racing at night so they don't interrupt any horse events.

Insurance is an important part of the race. We advise that the jockeys supply their own or are covered by your show or Rodeo insurance. We also have a disclaimer they can sign for the races (same as show jumping disclaimer). We have insurance for camel racing. Not the jockeys.

The jockeys have to have some type of riding experience its a camel race, not a camel ride. At the beginning of each race we do size up jockeys to camels, as some camels and jockeys are bigger than others. We try to match rider with camel and experience. Riding instructions are given in the starter gates. When all is right, camels are positioned into the started gates, jockeys are mounted. Bang, the gates fly open, camels come thundering down the track, jockeys screaming and the race is underway!

Please ask us to send you a free DVD. Lionel has bee providing this entertainment for 15 years, with great results, so please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free quote.

Let our novelty camel races make your event the most talked about event ever!!!
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